10 Things You Need to Know About You

Hi to all my lovely readers. I have mulled over this post for a while, so I hope you enjoy it. The ’10 Things You need to Know about Yourself’ are not in order so tackle each one as you feel ready. Remember I am here to help you realise these as well. Enjoy the read and please share and comment with your thoughts.


You are beautiful so say Thank You

  • Sometimes we can feel awkward or embarrassed when we are complement upon, I encourage you to smile, accept and say thank you.

Know and accept your Body

  • If you can’t find out about body shape, ask me. I believe once we know how to dress to flatter our shape we accept the lumps and bumps more as they become part of the outfit that makes it sit and look so good.

Invest in you and not your Wardrobe

  • Buy something that looks good and makes you feel good. Whether it be a $10 top from Primark or Kmart or a $4000 bag from Chanel. Wear the garment not the price tag.

Find Your Confidence

  • Use what you have learnt about how to dress so you can gain confidence. Wear your confidence in your clothes. By wearing the right colours and clothes, you will look at yourself with more appreciation and acceptance and ultimately more confidently.

Invest in your Confidence

  • Whether it is weight loss, fitness, further education or charity work you wish to succeed in, confidence will be the key to start you on that journey. In order to grow you and your confidence, invest in these areas. It doesn’t have to be a financial investment, it can be completing a marathon or volunteering at a charity event.

Accept others for who they are

  • ‘Other people opinions of you are none of your business’ – this is one of the best pieces of advice I was ever given, and I live by it still. We have all seen the facebook posts about keeping the negative out of our lives. I do believe this as well. Don’t worry about what you cannot change focus on what you can. You cannot change people we can only expose them to possibilities, we cannot control their thoughts or actions. By accepting others you can move on.

Respect Yourself

  • With your new self-confidence, you can now be who you want to be. You don’t have to follow and conform. You can now be that person you have always aspired to be. Have respect for yourself and be that person.

No Regrets

  • From your confidence in you and your ability to express yourself in your manner, means you will approach things you might not of before but will feel achievement and relief instead of regret. On the other hand, with your own self-confidence, it might also help you decide as to whether you wish to do anything at all.

Enjoy your Age

  • Feel great, look great and enjoy getting old.  With wrinkles, they are a part of you. Wrinkles are the stories of all the fun and laughter, tears and heartbreak you had in your life. They are like a tattoo, it’s up to you to design it.

Indulge yourself and release the guilt

  • All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. And what happened to Jack – he went crazy!! Don’t go crazy. Mums need a break sometimes as well as Dads. Some like to get away, some like a nice quiet bath, others like to shop, get their hair done or nails repolished. Whatever your luxury, do it and enjoy it. Your kids will still love you, work will still be there Monday morning and the basket full of clothes will always be full of dirty clothes.

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  1. Hi Olivia,

    I am an Aussie, living in the US in a small ski town. I loved reading your blog and love how Kim Bolsover has inspired you too. I’m just starting her online classes and really enjoying it!
    All the best with your online business, I’m sure you will do well!


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