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Since starting my Image Consulting business two years ago, I get asked many questions about what I do and why I do it. So here are my most frequently asked questions.

What are you doing?

I am an Image Consultant and I aim to bring colour and confidence to anyone who is looking for it.

What is with the photos each day?

Every day I take a photo of what I wear to show you that with a few changes you can have clothes you can wear every day to look and feel great in.

What have the photos got to do with consultancy?

I studied Image Consultancy, focusing on colour, three years ago. Colours can change everything about you. With the right colours against your face you can have a fresh healthy glow. With the wrong colours, it can leave you looking pale and tired. Wearing the right colours is important for you and your own self-perception. If you look in the mirror and think; ‘hey I look good today’, then it means not only do you look good, but you feel good about yourself. ‘You will feel good when you know you look good’. In my wardrobe I focus on colour and the right clothes for my shape. This means that when I pull an item out of my wardrobe I know it will look and feel great on. I might and will wear the same items on many occasions, which is good because I know they look good and I feel good too. I also think that even though you might see me in the same items of clothing. whether it is styled the same or different, they still look good every time. I want to show you that you don’t need to spend large amounts of money on clothes or have large amounts of clothes to look and feel good. I purchase majority of my clothes online and from the high streets. I am always on the search for a bargain. It doesn’t matter what the colour trend is or what style is in the stores, if it is not suitable to you and your shape there is no point buying it. Therefore, when you shop for clothes you tend to be a lot more focused and only buy what you need. The photos I post each day show you what I buy, why I buy it and how I wear it. Most of us have an item in our wardrobe that we love to wear but we don’t, in case we wear it out. What about loving to wear every item in your wardrobe? Why not? From doing my 12 Week Challenge Program you can be like me and look and feel great every day. My photos are my results of my program.

What is an Image Consulting?

I was once asked did I want to be a stylist or an image consultant. I had to ask what the difference was? A stylist is that girl in the department store who picks an outfit for you. She will help you dress that outfit with accessories, so it looks fantastic. An image consultant is someone who shows you why that outfit looks nice on you and why you need to use the accessories to finish it off. An image consultant teaches you skills, so you can create many outfits.

What do you want to achieve with this?

I completed my Image Consulting course three years ago and started to put myself and my wardrobe to work. I based my wardrobe around my best colours and added items to it that all complemented me and my body shape. I also took out the items that, although were in perfect condition, did nothing for me. When I started wearing my new wardrobe, I began to see a change in myself. No matter what our age is, we all have something we don’t like about ourselves, weather be our weight, condition of our skin, lack of weight or loose skin from loosing weight or having babies. When we start to dress ourselves in clothes that suit us and complement us, we start to look at ourselves differently. When you have a wardrobe that fits you as you are you realise you need the bits you don’t like to make your clothes look right! Because you now feel good about yourself and you know you look good, the negative bits don’t matter as much. What you gain is a self-satisfaction with yourself and it also grows your self-confidence. I think confidence is key in life. It can be a driving force like no other. If you can stand up tall with your head high everyday and be comfortable in your skin, then any obstacle put in front of you is only an obstacle. If you can’t achieve what you want in one direction change and go another way. With you own self worth and self confidence you can now see that new direction or barrier and move it out of your way. I want to be able to offer anyone the chance to feel confident in themselves through the colours and clothes they wear.

Where do you see this going?

I want to be able to inspire people to look deep inside themselves and find an honesty in themselves and a want to change. I don’t expect anyone to change overnight. What I want to do is show you how to do it one item of clothing at a time. One change of colour and by adding one item of clothing at a time, you will grow into a new you. With this new self-worth and confidence, you can aim for whatever you want, whether it be further education, a new job or business adventure, weight loss or just finishing all the jobs you need to do in a day. Why not feel good and great about yourself all the time? You are a very important person and deserve to look and feel fabulous everyday no matter what your circumstances are. I believe I can offer someone a whole new concept of themselves that will empower them to live a fuller more confident life. This might sound a bit crazy and sometimes people look at me thinking I am crazy. But why not feel fabulous everyday no matter what our situation is or even what we need to do that day. I am not asking anyone to dress like they are heading to the Melbourne Cup everyday. I want to be able to show people that it is the little things that make the big things happen. Little changes which will grow your confidence to a new level. I feel great about my body everyday and I focus on my clothes to offer that to me. If I didn’t do it I wouldn’t believe it. Get inspired and get confident – You deserve it!


You can read all about my 12 Week Colour Challenge Program along with additional programs I do by clicking HERE.

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