NY Resolutions – A load of rubbish?

New Years Resolutions, what are they all about? Why do we do them and what’s the point?
Well we have been practicing this tradition nearly 4000 years introduced by the Babylonians, at crop season they made promises to their Gods. (link here to read some background info if you are interested) If they kept their promises their Gods would look at them favourable and if they didn’t they would be doomed to a dark place!
Thankfully we just make resolutions for ourselves and hopefully don’t beat ourselves up too much if we don’t finish or continue them.
At this time of year, with so many bloggers and influencers giving you tips and ideas on how to create your resolutions and keep them going, I did have a little think myself about what I would do.
Of course the obvious ones jump out

  • reduce time spent on my phone
  • read more books
  • excerise more
  • give more to others and charity

Then I thought realistically I’m not going to do that. If I reduce my phone time then I won’t know what’s happening with fashion trends and what stores have what, I also wouldn’t be interacting with you guys either so what would the point of my page be? As much as I would love to put more time into excercise and reading books, with 3 kids and all they demand I know I would start off well but give me a sick child, school day and some extra workers for dinner and all will fall apart. Now the charity thing is something I already do, I always off load my clothes and clear out items like kids toys to charity shops and I send the kids clothes to a friend to reuse. So I suppose in fairness I’m already achieving there and to be honest I’m not in a financial position to offer more.
So now what do I do? What will I not find an excuse for??? Thinking about my page and the core of it’s purpose is confidence. Confidence to wear what I want when I want and not only have confidence to wear it but feel amazing at the same time. I have to admit that there have been times when I want to wear one thing but think maybe it’s too much and start overthinking everything. This overthinking can be a killer for your confidence.
Over the last 2 years I have been singing one phrase for a lot of issues, problems, stresses and overthinking situations and that phrase is ‘Let it go’. Yes people ‘Let it go’ from Frozen is one song that helps me destress and not worry.
So what is my point? Instead of making a list of specific things you aim to do, find a motto for your year. So if I do decide to go for a walk every morning and then I stop after 3 weeks, so what ‘let it go’. Don’t worry, don’t stress. If you ‘let it go’ then it’s gone and you can either forget about it or start again another time. Or if you can’t get everything finished today that you had planned well just sing ‘let it go’. It will all be there tomorrow so why worry?
Let me know if you think up of any mottos for your year ahead. Here are some suggestions to get you started;

  • Let it go
  • Other people opinions of you are none of your business
  • Give it another go the next time
  • You might have lost the battle but it doesn’t mean you lost the war.
  • Be patient, it will work itself out
  • Be yourself
  • Every wall is a door

For some more mottos and insight click on this link. Let me know if you have your own motto for 2019.

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