Online Program

Welcome to my Online Challenge Programs

Week by week I will challenge you and correspond with you in which ever method you prefer. We will discuss the effect the colour had on you and your skin, we will compare this to your second colour and discuss which is your preferred colour and why. By week six you hopefully will be a ‘dab hand’ at knowing what will suit you. From week six we start to build your wardrobe, we will look at body shapes, styles, patterns, fabrics and how these all work with your colours. By creating and building a colour guide you will start to see a new wardrobe develop or even the items you have left in your wardrobe might be enough. Having the right colours in your wardrobe that match you, will automatically match each other which then creates many outfits. It will make shopping easier and hopefully more enjoyable.

Your 12 week program runs as follows:

Week 1 – Your Face                                                                     Week 7 – Your Body Shape

Week 2 – 2 Colours, 1 Preference                                        Week 8 – Fabrics

Week 3 – 3 Colours, 1 Preference                                        Week 9 – Patterns & Stripes

Week 4 – 4 Colours, 2 Preferences                                      Week 10 – Accessories

Week 5 – Choosing the right colour                                    Week 11 – Your Wardrobe

Week 6 – The different Body Shapes                                  Week 12 – Bringing it all together

The end result is confidence; confidence with colour and identifying that colour that is right for you. When we shop it can be a daunting or a confusing experience. From this program you will know what colours to target and with my advice on fabrics, styles and fit you are on your way to a new world. A world where colour complements you and makes YOU the focus!

Course Prices: Full 12 Week Challenge Program $250.00
Half Program – Colour for 6 Weeks $140.00
Half Program – Bringing the Rest to Colour $140.00

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