Why Not Wear Maternity Clothes Post Pregnancy?

‘Why not wear maternity clothes post pregnancy?’ was what I heard myself say to a dear friend of mine. She just had a beautiful baby 4 weeks ago and was nearly confessing to me how she was still in maternity jeans. She was trying on her old jeans nearly every other day. I nearly had to shake her back to reality. I had 3 babies and explained how I nearly missed my maternity clothes after I lost my post baby weight. I know lots of my friends who purchased some really yummy maternity jeans and were disappointed when they couldn’t wear them again! Pregnancy and all the hormones that go with it, can be a difficult and wonderful time. I always gained 10kg+ with my babies so fitting back into my old jeans 4 weeks after having my babies was a definite no no!

My friend really inspired me to write this for my first post. I bought some key items when I fell pregnant. I found 2 cotton skirts with the high elastic waist. These were great just after baby as they helped to keep my tummy secured. They were also very comfortable because they were cotton. I also got 2 fabulous dresses in a coral and an aqua blue. They were a rayon fabric but worked well for my post pregnancy bump. I felt more comfortable in my maternity clothes than my normal clothes. I had no intention of trying to get back into my old clothes until I knew I could and felt ready to do so.

I have searched a few websites and below are some of my favourite maternity/nursing items available now. Click on any of the pictures and it will link you to the website.



This first dress is very pretty, the wrap effect will skim your post tummy and the wrap is great for nursing.

Target – Ruffled Dress (Australia Only)


This is great for the office or if you ventured out on a night out.

Queen Bee – Floressa (Int. delivery)


Perfect for those casual days and the band is perfect to keep your tummy firm.


Target – Denim Shorts (Australia Only)


A denim skirt is a perfect item as you can dress it up or down depending on what you are doing, again the high band on this is great.

Queen Bee – Denim Skirt (Int. delivery)


This top, from Mayarya, is a fantastic example of how a top can be worn pre and post baby and looks amazing both ways.

Mayarya – Pink Twisted Top (Int. delivery)


These trousers are great for any occasion or even for work. Again, the high waist has that support both pre and post pregnancy.

Littlewoods – Linen Mix trousers in Black or Navy (Ire & UK Delivery)


This ruffled dress will work perfect post pregnancy as it has lots of layers to cover any post bump.

Littlewoods – Rochelle Humes (maternity) Tea Dress (Ire & UK delivery)

Lastly, I found a fantastic website (www.eloramaternity.com) that delivers worldwide, I was tempted to load everything on my post but obviously can’t! Here are a few bits I found, again focusing on support and structure for the post pregnancy body. I also like tops that are semi fitted because as you do lose some of your weight the semi fit will help to show that off. These are all tips for you so when you look in the mirror, you feel better about yourself. When you are in post pregnancy stages we can become very self-conscious and under pressure to start showing off this fabulous post pregnancy body while feeding and caring for your precious baby. My advice to you is to get a few key pieces that will fit you after your baby arrives and that you feel comfortable in. Even consider keeping these items solely for after your baby arrives so you feel you are not still wearing the same maternity wear you lived in for 9 months. Once you get through the first trimester of pregnancy start having a look online and if you are luck you might pick up a few post pregnancy items in the sales.





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